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ALTIA Acoustics Services

Acoustics of listening spaces

acoustique des salles

  • Optimisation of architectural parameters by computer prediction calculations, taking into account different sound propagation models in closed spaces.
  • Design of variable acoustics systems for multi-purpose halls.
  • Client assistance for writing up specifications for acoustic and electro-acoustic projects.
  • Measurements, diagnostics and technical expertise.
  • Full design contracts.

Acoustics of buildings

acoustique du batiment

  • Sound isolation studies between rooms.
  • Mechanical systems noise and vibration control.
  • Room acoustics studies.
  • Measurements, diagnostics and technical expertise.

Environmental acoustics

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acoustique de l'environnement

  • Site analysis, study of initial conditions with measurements and statistical analysis of sound pressure levels.
  • Long term site surveillance with acoustics and weather measurement stations (sound monitoring of building sites, factory or airport noise, noise levels generated by outdoor concerts, ...).
  • Study of sound propagation using computer models.
  • Impact studies (prediction calculations for the future state of a project).

Electro-acoustics and sound systems


  • Optimisation of sound systems with computer prediction calculations.
  • Specifications writing for sound systems.
  • Setup and adjustment studies for 3D spacialisation systems (binaural and transaural reproduction and multi channel systems).