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ALTIA Acoustics Personnel and Equipment


ALTIA Acoustics is a group of highly qualified engineers whose different backgrounds and competences combine to form one acoustics consultancy firm. The diversity of our know-howenables us to take on complex projects in very varied domains: room acoustics, building and environmental acoustics, as well as electroacoustic and public address and sound systems. Our training and experience includes: acoustics, architecture, music, sound recording, PA and sound systems, physics, mecanics, electronics, programming and computer development, ...
Also, our assistant takes care of all adminstrative tasks, including preparing the french "concours de marchés publics" which we take part in with architects agencies.

ALTIA Acoustics believes in assembling these diverse and complementary competences in one coherent structure to best fit the complexity of current acoustics projects, especially in the domain of room acoustics.


ALTIA acoustics boasts a full set of equipement and software which enables us to offer a wide variety of services : measurement equipement for room acoustics and building acoustics, various sound sources, environmental acoustics measurement stations, measurement equipement for electroacoustic and sound systems, various pieces of software for transfering and processing data, software for calculations in room acoustics and environmental acoustics, powerful office equipment with Unix/Linux data web servers, automated backups of data, printers including large format, professionnal drawing software, ...



  • Equipment rental
  • Sale of acoustics hardware and software
  • Training courses
  • Research/expertise